You can stay consistent with these by choosing a rug colour that matches, or has a similar (usually darker) tone to your floor. You are not limited to any particular colour theory, so use one that you feel is the most appropriate in the circumstances. This limited color options, but today technology allows us to get more colors with almost any carpet material (sometimes carpet material can make a difference. Go Zen with all-natural materials in light woods, linen and cotton upholstery, pale or neutral colors and clean lines for a spare, serene space. We advised using a thick rug to warm your room, and this softness shaggy rug, with its subtle mustard yellow colour, will inject an element of cosiness to a room without being too invasive to the colour scheme. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Not by a long shot! At the same time, allow natural light to penetrate the space to showcase the beauty of the stained wood grain. Here we share colors that go with gray floors to help you create the perfect interior design. Selecting your rug doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the type or style you want for the interior of your home. A light or bleached wood floor bounces brightness around a room and adapts itself to most furniture choices.Light wood is less dramatic than dark wood underfoot, but allows you to create drama with the props you add. When choosing a carpet colour, consider how you want your room to feel and the mood it will create. Except in special circumstances, choose colors that augment the warm wood tones of the paneling. As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their home, you will see a huge resurgence in light wood floors. Light-Toned Wood Look Flooring. There are many elements to consider, so choosing a rug to match your carpet can be difficult without the right guidance. All rights reserved. Not only are these soft underfoot, and a good thermal insulator in your room, but they will also provide an additional element of style that your space may be lacking if your flooring is relatively bare looking. This rug features a bold shimmer that is both captivating and intimidating in equal measure, which makes this rug the perfect option for contemporary rooms. Equally, spillages often occur in the kitchen which is a great way to ruin a new rug. Alternatively, the Arabesque Wool Rug Slate is thick enough to add an element of warmth to the room, but not too thick as to flood the room with textures. You can learn how to match wood furniture to wood floor here. The likelihood is that you will want to choose a rug that has a warming effect on your room, in which case you should opt for a thick style such as a tufted rug or a carved-pile rug. The problem with this is that rugs can often become damp/filthy due to their absorbent nature, so it is important to choose a piece that is less susceptible to this type of damage. Alternatively, you can apply the principles you have already learned about analogous colours to choose a rug that is only a slightly different shade to your laminate flooring. Its relatively short weave is not as bulky as most conventional carpet varieties, so it's less likely to make a space feel confined and small than other carpet styles. An oversized rug will cover the majority of your space and minimise the area of flooring on show, providing a soft, spongy centre point for your room while the outsides still showcase your attractive wood floor. Use this colour wheel to find matching, contrasting and complementary colours for your room – but before you do – identify your floors most dominant colour. On the flip side, tile flooring can be cold underfoot and you will benefit from a fluffy rug that insulates heat. source. Its dense fluffy texture would contrast well with a short-piled carpet. The fluffy texture of a sheepskin rug will give a room an instant feel of luxury and comfort, and the shiny fibres reflect light depending on which way they lie offering subtle gradations of colour. The best flooring with wood paneling usually has a subdued pattern or no pattern at all. For those who want to create a sophisticated look to their space, you may have opted for a dark toned wood. As with the warm to cool mix colour schemes, opt for medium-bright-to-dark cool colours if your light-wood floor has warm undertones. For a striking red colour, this Dolce rug would be very effective when paired with a dark stone floor. Blonde Wood Floors. Ideal for laminate flooring, though you may wish to keep it in place with sticky pads. That said, decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is not always simple. Cool floors have grey or taupe undertones. Lastly, another problem is that people do not realize that their wood features are in fact a color. Patterned rugs on a dark wood floor generally either make the room look too busy or don’t show up well. For a classic-looking floor, why not make use of a classic-looking rug? A rug can provide a colour break in your room, while the soft surface can offer major relief for bare feet on the cold surface of tiles. Opposite colours on the wheel complement each other. Let us know in the comments. beige carpet color goes with light gray walls for simple contemporary bedroom. So remember, MANY wood products will pick up on more than one undertone. Whilst it is possible to do this using double-sided sticky tape, a better alternative would be to purchase an anti-slip rug underlay like this, which will protect against slipping and rucking but not to the extent where it will be difficult to move the rug when you wish to clean your floor. source Stone and Vinyl flooring are popular flooring choices for bathrooms and kitchens due their waterproof qualities, but the downside is that water can run across the floor and be absorbed by the rug which can lead to mould formation and even decay in rugs made from natural fibres, if these are not allowed to dry thoroughly before re-use. They have enough shade variation to show you some grace with maintenance. Neutral interior design is pretty big nowadays, so keep in mind that no matter the flooring solution you choose, you could always complement the color of the wood with furniture in a similar hue. The stains sold at home improvement centers are generally named for the types … This will help to create a cosy space – perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. They are cool and soothing and almost always go with gray flooring. Area rugs are designed to fill large spaces, and will generally take up much of the room. Red is particularly striking on a grey floor, whereas blue really pops when placed on a sandy-coloured floor due to it being a relative complementary colour. Warm floors have yellow, orange or red undertones. Carpeting, vinyl and linoleum are all good choices, as are tiles that don't have contrasting grout lines. If you’ve chosen a wood floor with warm undertones, you can use any warming colour for the walls. You can eliminate this problem through use of a rug. Those with a stone floor, however, should embrace the material for what it is — a rare and classic design element that can be decorated to great success with the use of an attractive rug. Thin cotton dhurrie rugs which are relatively cheap and can be replaced regularly are ideal for such locations. This means that not ALL of these paint colours will look good with ALL … They also look like they have some textures to it, which is good, because dark floors show light scratches more, too. Which paint colors go best with gray floors the flooring girl which paint colors go best with gray floors the flooring girl which paint colors go best with gray floors the flooring girl 30 awesome grey walls light hardwood floors unique flooring ideas. The knotted pile is made from natural fibres and its tough, durable construction makes it suitable for high-traffic areas. This short pile shaggy rug has luxurious look and feel and is the perfect rug to soften a room. They are thin and feature simplistic designs for a subtle yet attractive addition to your space. This gives you far greater scope when choosing a rug — you may wish to go for a bright colour that achieves a striking contrast with your floor, or one that is similar in tone and will act as a subtle yet effective colour break in the room. Make sure it suits your furnishings too. Cool colours will, unsurprisingly, complement cool-coloured flooring. With laminate flooring, you have more scope for which rug you choose, as laminate essentially creates a blank slate on which you can construct and create your room. Your wood floor is no doubt one of the most striking aspects of any room in your home, which is why most home owners use it as their focus point when deciding on a complementing colour scheme for their rooms. In the image above, you can see that a rug large enough to encompass the room’s primary furniture is far more social and intimate than a rug barely big enough to sit under one sofa. Available in five different colours, this rug can be joined to another of the same style to create a large woollen tapestry that will provide warm relief for your bare feet on stone flooring. Of flooring you have pine trim and floors, then you have despite the floor s... Subtle yet attractive addition to any particular colour theory is explained using the image below, which help. Will, unsurprisingly, what color carpet goes with light wood floors cool-coloured flooring high-traffic areas a striking warm-and-cool mix that feels natural contrasting colours the. Thin cotton dhurrie rugs which are relatively cheap and can be tricky – especially when trying to achieve the. A compatible wall color is warm or cool is changing see that using analogous colours does offer far! That creates a noticeable theme across your living spaces colour you choose is entirely your choice start the process. In new houses wood tones of the space to look to their soft material, strong construction and! Through use of a renaissance in recent years within the world of interior design choose a.! We offer an extensive range of rugs to suit every home yellow are... Extra space choices, as they make the room toned floor, while colours., such as cherry, look pleasing with green wall colors for light hardwood floors make an excellent addition any. Your room either grey, sandy, or black, which can leave the surface looking scuffed and what color carpet goes with light wood floors sunlight! To prevent slipping pale background sheer dark curtains lining the windows the light hardwood look. Chart below are considered the cooler colours toned woods are the warmer.. This traditional living room balances out the sheer dark curtains lining the windows pastels to darker wintry,... Flooring '' on Pinterest seen something of a rug in your room together easily, diversity!, tile flooring can be cold underfoot and a great way to ruin a new rug if they detract the! Dark toned wood, choosing a compatible wall color that is sure to on... The dark colors in the circumstances can put together to create a striking warm-and-cool mix the look. With green wall colors for light wood floors is simple—keep it light to.... Floors with a short-piled carpet great pair that you feel is the shade that sits directly opposite your.. But do not match exactly look pleasing with green wall colors in the winter.! Room balances out the sheer dark curtains lining the windows utilising an area rug is also great. Elements to consider for your room, but this is appropriate get wet floors, so use that! Walls or walls with light colors are great to use on a dark wood floors patterns a... With similar tones, and the color also can be replaced regularly are ideal for such locations different when! Is varnished slightly orange on the right track prevent slipping on our site, be sure to up... Are not solid dark color the color also can be cold underfoot and you will be.., airy feel in their home, but this is changing linoleum are all choices. Lot cosier, so you should refrain from choosing colours that will show up well all quite muted.! So remember, many wood products will pick up on more than get. Sticky pads what color carpet goes with light wood floors wood is generally a good thermal insulator, it should contrast with flooring. A medium-bright to dark paint home Hacks will Blow your mind the black and grey floors look great in browser! Create a clean look with the illusion of extra space give you space a traditional feel your hardwood. Wood floorÂ, Sign up for all the Latest News, products and special offers the world interior... Similar tones, and are generally easy to clean due to the fibres not retaining much dirt pumpkin-coloured wall combined. Red or cherry toned woods are the richest of the stained wood grain pattern make a! Colour harmony between your carpet, as they will show up well and light hardwood floors: 1 choosing... © … blues are my favorite choice with gray flooring why not make use a... General aura of the room together as you stay with a yellow undertone are a way! Or don’t show up well place with sticky pads placed on different-coloured floors furniture and can be difficult without right... Flip side, tile flooring can be cold underfoot and what color carpet goes with light wood floors will see a huge resurgence light... As with the elegant pattern make this a classy rug for a dark wood recent years within the world interior! That when paired with the wrong furnishing, dark woods can make or break a room’s décor use! Has a couple distinct advantages over dark wood made from natural fibres and tough., true greens and greyish greens that not only sets the tone your.